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22" Formula 602 Classic Thin Crash

MSRP: $975.00
Your Savings: $370.00 (37.95%)

Paiste's Formula 602 Classic Sounds is a legendary cymbal series, cherished and renowned for its pure, delicate musical sound that rewards precise playing. Originally introduced in 1959 (at the beginning of a revolution in jazz), the most popular of the 602 Classics are now being faithfully re-created with vintage tone and visuals. Forged from authentic 602 Bronze (CuSn20), and handcrafted from start to finish by highly skilled Swiss artisans, Formula 602 Classic cymbals produce a true sound of unmatched clarity and consistency. The Paiste Formula 602 Classic 22" Thin Crash Cymbal is ideal for blues, jazz, fusion, moderate rock and pop, folk, country, and acoustic music.