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Hand Painted Drum Heads By David Swanagin

We offer a unique approach to custom bass drum heads. David Swanigan hand paints all heads to the particular needs and ideas of each individual customer. Because there are no computers or screen printing involved, there are no limitations to what we can do... See dozens of examples of David's work here:

(Pictures in slide show are low resolution)


Services and Pricing


David Swanagin Hand-Painted Drumheads are custom works of art designed to showcase your band’s name, logo or other artwork. Pricing varies according to complexity of design, materials and number of colors, labor hours and turnaround time. Price estimates are given as a guide only since each logo is different and require more or less time to complete.



Generally, this will be a one-color logo on a white drumhead.

Starting at $150



Generally includes one color on a black drumhead

Starting at $225



Includes more complex designs, such as a multi-colored logo and lettering on a black or fiberskyn drumhead, antiquing, aging or distressing, custom hand-applied glittering, sparkle matching or metallic paints.

Range $250-$400 depending on complexity




Q: Why does it cost more to put my logo on a black drumhead than a white one?

A: Logos on black drumheads are more costly because they require numerous coats of paint for proper coverage, usually taking the artist twice the amount of time needed to paint a white drumhead.


Q: Aren’t block stencils easier to do than script lettering?

A: Block stencils actually take more time than script lettering because they have sharp points, corners and straight lines that require precise painting.


Q: Does the price include the drumhead you will be painting on?

A: No, the price does not include the drumhead or mic-hole. The price does include the artist’s labor and all supplies needed to create your band’s work of art, including any special paint.


Q: What are my options as far as actual drumheads?

A: I can paint on any size head; standard sizes are 18”, 20”,22” and 24”. Heads are smooth white, black or fiberskyn. The advantage of using a smooth white drumhead is it can be cleaned easily and the colors “pop” more. For this reason they are my preferred medium.  – . Fiberskyn drumheads lend themselves to distressing or aging, which gives you the very cool effect of a vintage head.


Q: Does the paint affect the sound of my bass drum?

A: Generally a painted drumhead does not affect the sound, though some drummers have noted a little extra low end from their painted drumheads.


Q: How long will the drumhead art last?

A: The paint will not flake off from normal play. I hand-brush a coat of clear protective varnish over the head to preserve it and keep it looking sharp from your first show of the tour to your last.


Q: Who are your clients?

A: I have painted drumheads for Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban,The Outlaws, The Monkees, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler and many other performers for late night tv shows, award shows, music videos, and major tours. You can check out numerous photos of my drumheads on Facebook by searching for Swanagin Hand Painted Drumheads or David Swanagin.


Q: What are your shipping options? 
A: I am based in Nashville and can hand-deliver the head locally. Any shipping costs are extra.

Q: We need this fast! How soon can you get it done?

A: Overnight turnarounds are possible in Nashville for an additional fee. Customer service is my priority and I will go above and beyond to get you what you need. Case in point: a tour manager called needing a custom drumhead for the Taylor Swift/Def Leppard CMT Crossroads show the next day. I was 7 hours away from Nashville but drove back immediately and worked through the night for 13 straight hours painting the head and hand-delivered it the next morning just in time for the taping.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Once I receive your band art in digital format (i.e., high resolution JPEG or .PNG formats) and the drumhead is purchased I will start asap. Thank you. david

  • All heads are hand-painted with a durable acrylic paint and then a protective coat of clear sealer is applied. 
  • Artwork on black drumheads may be subject to a slight price increase due to additional labor and materials. 
  • Customers are required to send copy of logo or design via email or mail.
  • Turn around time is 5 to 7 business days depending on logo detail. 
  • Aquarian and Remo are the preferred heads. 
  • Prices starting at $175.00 depending on head size, color and logo. 
  • Heads with sparkle or metallic paints will require more time and labor.
  • Customer must provide kick head or purchase one from Fork's. 
  • Price for ARTWORK does NOT include drumhead. 


Warranty: The artwork is durable and does not come off from playing the drum. If for any reason the paint separates from normal use it can be sent back and touched up free of charge during the first year. 

Artist: David Swanagin
Cell Phone: 615-668-2281