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IP2001 - James Ancona - Extra Soft Marimba Mallets - Black Yarn - Birch

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UPC: IP2001
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The James Ancona series is designed specifically for use in both indoor and outdoor marching ensembles. Jim's mallets introduce a new dowel, sealed with a unique finish for improved grip during playing. Designed to complement our other keyboard mallets used in marching situations, these new mallets will offer darker, warmer sound choices and a different feel for the marching keyboard percussionist.


Each mallet in this series features the following:


IP2001, IP2002, IP2003, IP2004


* Variety of rubber cores and latex combinations to create a full, rich tone and warm fundamental

* Birch handles with a matte finish for improved grip and durability

* Specially designed, extra-durable synthetic yarn


Length - 20"

Width - 4.5"

Height - 1.825"