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Lessons at Forks - General Info

It's serious fun!
Students from beginners to pros study here at Fork's Drum Closet. Lessons are taught in our well equipped private studios six days a week by our staff of independent teachers.

We teach…Ludwig Drum Kit

  • drumset
  • snare drum
  • orchestral percussion
  • marching percussion
  • mallets
  • hand drums


How much, and when?
Each teacher sets his own rate, so prices vary, but not much from the
national average monthly rate which is $100.00 for four 1/2 hour lessons.
Payment is made at the beginning of the month directly to the teacher.
Lessons are taught in Fork's during store hours until 6:00 weekdays,
and 5:00 Saturdays. There are evening lessons available with some of the teachers.


Who do I talk to?
Call any of the private teachers at home or at Fork's - (615) 383-8343