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Nick Lauritano

 Photo of Nick Lauritano

 Instructor: drum set and snare drum.

North Jersey lies just across the river from New York City and is known for its factories, working class neighborhoods, Italian bakeries, wise guys and Sinatra. Through the smoke of its back-room poker games and the haze of its blue collar boilermakers comes Nick Lauritano, the drummer of The Bloomlaters Band. Born and raised in Clifton, New Jersey, Lauritano has been drumming since the age of eleven and has toured throughout the United States and Canada with various acts. He also was the in-house studio percussionist for ByGosh studios and was responsible for the drum work on various soundtracks including "Big" and "Mighty Aphrodite" as well as soundtracks for animated characters featured at Chucky Cheese and FAO Schwartz Toy Stores.

Lauritano supplies the driving force behind the Bloomlaters' identity and is responsible for the unmistakable sound and rhythm of the band. He and singer/songwriter, Doug DeJoe are the co-founders of the band and their friendship and musical concept are solidly forged and provide the heart of The Bloomlaters.

Nick Lauritano studied with drummers Jeff Seitz (Juliard Grad, Drum Tech for Stewart Copeland from the Police), Charlie Adams (Yanni), and Joe Pace (Red Skelton Show). 

Nick teaches basics in drumming, rudiments, rhythmic foundations, and basic reading skills. 



        p: 615.554.6425


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