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TAMA Star Reserve Hand Hammered Copper 6.5x14


8"X15" Maple/Bubinga Shell w/ Olive Ash Outer Plyl

For the seasoned drummer, it is an extremely gratifying sensation to discover a special snare drum that brings a newfound creativity to your playing. All of a sudden, your go-to phrasing is out the window and you're heading down a new path, playing patterns you'd typically not even attempt. We feel this is exactly what we've accomplished with our 8" x 15" STAR Reserve snare drum. 

Its combination of Bubinga/Maple hybrid shell and Brass Mighty hoops provides a thunderous backbeat, while maintaining a great tonal balance of low and high end frequencies. No matter how you tune this drum, its presence is clearly heard and felt. Some of our artists even tune this drum very low and place it where a first floor tom would traditionally be, in addition to a main snare in standard position. This can lead to many unique phrasing opportunities. In this position, the drum functions as a "low snare" with the snare wires engaged, but with the wires off, it can double as a floor tom.

Model No.: TMBS158S
Size: 8"x15"
Shell Material: 5.6mm, 6ply Bubinga/Maple 6ply + 1 additional outer ply Olive Ash + 1 additional inner ply Cordia
Bearing Edge: STAR Bearing Edge
Hoop: Brass Mighty Hoop (8 hole)
Lug: MSL90TC
Strainer/Butt: "Linear-Drive" Strainer & Butt (MLS50A / MLS50B)
Snare Wire: Starclassic Carbon Steel Snare Wire (MS20SN15S)
Available Finish: Caramel Olive Ash Burst (OCOB)