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Vic Firth Corpsmaster Ian Grom Series Vibraphone Mallet - Medium Soft Rattan

UPC: M265

The M265 of the Vic Firth Ian Grom Vibraphone Series is the Medium Soft. With a great fundamental warmth this mallet is perfect for when a big lush sound is needed. Perfect for when the parts where the bottom octaves of the vibraphone is utilized. The rattan handle will be straight and flexible at the same time. The Vic Firth Ian Grom Series is designed to embrace the musical experience Ian has acquired over the years. The key to the sound of the series is a core unique to only the Grom series. The same core is used in both the vibraphone and marimba series to give a signature dark quality for the series. All the mallets in this series can be used on a competitive material. These mallets are also designed to be used a lot. Built to last entire season the Grom Series will deliver a consistent tone throughout the life of the mallet.