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Anika Nilles Deep Hats 18''/18''

MSRP: $1,276.00
Your Savings: $586.01 (45.93%)

The Meinl Artist Concept Models are a collection of cymbal voices. They are the product of Meinl Cymbal Artists and the Meinl R&D team. The goal was to craft unique and innovative sounds that allow the artist to explore, create and forge ahead as leaders in acoustic music and in the art of drumming.

"What I really like about my Deep Hats is that they have so many musical applications.They fill the sonic gap between my main hihats, and my crashes. I play them half open as a time keeper, very similar to crash-riding, however the Deep Hats sound softer and more articulated.That is something I prefer. They have the right amount of wash and trashiness, combined with a soft, dark tone. Absolutely perfect for my style of playing." - Anika Nilles