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Black Panther Black Widow 14x5 Maple Snare Drum

This full-bodied, versatile drum features extreme sensitivity and a dark, dry tone.

Black Panther Blade 14x5.5 Steel Snare Drum

A visually sleek and alluring instrument with razor-sharp tone that carves deeply into any groove.

Black Panther Brass Cat 14x5.5 Brass Snare Drum

Slightly softer than a steel snare.   This drum produces an aggressive sound that’s incredibly smooth.

Black Panther Cherry Bomb 13x5.5 Cherry Snare Drum

Classic in style and performance, this uniquely sized drum is as distinctive to the ear as it is to the eye.

Black Panther Fastback 12x7 Maple Snare Drum

The size and tuning range of this drum combine to produce a distinctive high pitch with plenty of body making it a great choice for Gospel or R&B.

Black Panther Machete 14x6.5 Steel Snare Drum

If you’re in need of a drum that can hack its way through the thickest of guitar noise, look no further.

Black Panther Phatbob 14x7 Thick Maple Snare Drum

Built to be played hard and loud, this bad boy features an extra thick shell, rounded bearing edges and a deep snare bed for a thick, fat sound.

Black Panther Sledgehammer 14x6.5 Hammered Brass Snare Drum

Some jobs call for heavy duty equipment.  This drum bludgeons its way through the din with extreme volume and a distinct rounded tone.

Black Panther Stinger 10x5.5 Steel Snare Drum

Tune this drum high and hit it hard.  It’ll only hurt for second.

Black Panther Velvetone 14x5.5 Burl Maple/Walnut/Maple Snare Drum

Don’t be deceived by its beautifully seductive exterior, this drum is wickedly dark with a high degree of sensitivity.