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The cymbals of the Byzance® series are manufactured using the "Cast Cymbal" procedure. This means the bronze alloy of every cymbal is separately poured into individual castings. This is the fundamental difference in the manufacturing process of the new Byzance cymbals.

Meinl founded a completely new production facility in Turkey which exclusively crafts Meinl Byzance cymbals. The art of traditional cymbal making here fuses in a perfect symbiosis with the high-tech experience and know-how of a leading cymbal manufacturer. Byzance cymbals are completely hand made from start to finish. For the first time ever, Meinl uses cymbal-bronze consisting of 80% copper + 20% tin. The production process starts with the melting of the raw materials, followed by the individual casting. In various production steps those castings are heated until they glow red and fed through rolling mills to be flattened. Those blanks are reheated again and the bell is pressed in. The cymbal is then extensively hand-hammered into shape defining its unique and individual sound. Next, the cymbals are lathed by hand which allows to precisely fine-tune each cymbal. Byzance cymbals are then delivered to the Meinl Cymbal Smithy in Germany. Here, in a special high-tech procedure, their typical surface finish is applied.

More traditional handwork is not possible in cymbal making.