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Simple Design, Practical Application, Brilliant Sound…these are the pillars that Antoun & Family Drum Co. (A&F) is built upon. 

With a connoisseur's appetite for exceptional sound, a beautiful aesthetic, and an incredible team of Partners and Makers, A&F continue their quest to blend old-world craftsmanship with new world sounds. “We have an incredible team of drummer/artisans/and entrepreneurs that make up the fibers of this company. We believe in a family environment and a unified focus to create the best instruments money can buy,” adds Ramy.

We locally source all available materials and hand-make our shells, hoops, lugs, and badges.  We use Italian leather washers between anything that makes contact with the shell and hand stamp every badge for each drum with its own exclusive serial number. When we saw what we were creating and saw the excitement in my own children, it shifted our perspective from a accidental company to a 100 year business plan. We are taking everything we have left in us physically, mentally, spiritually and pouring it all into A&F Drum Co.