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DW Collector's Exotic 6.5x14 Tasmanian Snare Drum


Cold and covered in mud, in the dead of the Australian winter, DW's John Good first discovered Tasmanian blackwood: the heart and soul of the limited-edition DW Collector's Series Pure Tasmanian Timber snare drum. All woods in this snare, including the exotic black sassafras finish ply, come straight from the Australian outback. "This one has got a personality that we've never heard," says John. "We can talk all day about it looking pretty, but [the Australian tonewoods] really lent themselves to a unique sounding drum shell."

John and DW turned to a special version of their own proprietary VLT shell to give the Pure Tasmanian Timber snare the support it needed. The wood grain orientation of the blackwood and sassafras is alternated and then heat pressed and cold tempered to give the shell the strength and roundness DW is after, along with a velvety low end and heart-stopping punch. Collector's Series appointments, including 3.0mm True Hoops, True Pitch 50 tension rods, and a MAG magnetic throw off with 3-way butt plate, all finished in luxurious black nickel, in addition to a commemorative Australian flag badge, make the Pure Tasmanian Timber snare drum one that collectors will love to get their hands on.