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In its Brooklyn, New York factory during the 1920s, Gretsch perfected its design of the first laminated three-ply drum shell. The shell was thin, yet constructed without reinforcement hoops due to ample structural integrity that the laminate ply design provided. The "Great Gretsch Sound" was beginning to take shape, starting with a shell that produced rich, resonant and pure musical tones that has since become legendary.

Throughout the next three decades, the Gretsch flagship "Broadkaster" series used this original three-ply shell as its sonic foundation. After years of research, development and testing, Gretsch designed a "reverse roundover" edge that made the 1950s Gretsch Broadkaster one of the most highly sought-after drums ever produced.

Today, in the Gretsch Drum Factory in Ridgeland, South Carolina, USA, Gretsch is recreating its storied three-ply shell without reinforcement hoops with an all-new Broadkaster drum series. The application of advanced drum-making techniques to the 1950’s-era three-ply shell has resulted in a modern-day version of a drum that recreates the sonic brilliance and "That Great Gretsch Sound" of the original Broadkasters.

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