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At Joyful Noise Drum Company (JNDC), our goal is to produce the finest musical instruments possible. We’re not trying to produce the most drums, dress up something average, or mask inferior products with inflated marketing hype. With three unique metal shell designs and two revolutionary snare strainer (throw-off) systems, JNDC is committed to innovation and quality, creating the new industry standard.


Utilizing superior quality materials, proven designs, innovative engineering and acoustical concepts, stunning aesthetics, and exceptional craftsmanship, we are able to produce a superior line of drums. Unrivaled in form and function, “Our sound truly makes the difference.”


Highlighted by its drum badge feather motif and revolutionary “one touch classic” strainer (throw-off) system, the JNDC limited production custom snare drum collection features seamless spun brass or bronze metal shells in sparkling finishes, hand engraved by John Aldridge, and wood shells of “Timeless Timber” and exotic woods.


We have produced a superior, powerful line of drums, creating the new industry standard. Also, by committing a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each drum to help a child or a community of children, we realize our purpose. In this way, we leverage our ‘passion, power, purpose’, and our legacy becomes your legacy when you purchase one of our drums.”