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Pearl Bass Drum Muffler BDMF

MSRP: $21.00
Your Savings: $5.01 (23.86%)

Bring Out the True Character of Your Kick

As drummers, the perfect bass drum tone is burned into all of our brains. It's so clear we can sing it. The fact is, it's hard to get that sound without some level of muffling. The Pearl BDMF Bass Drum Muffler provides just the right amount of resonance control, and does so at an affordable price. Its segmented design gives players the option to damp their batter or resonant heads as it soaks up the internal sound waves. With some experimenting, you're sure to find the tone you're after with the BDMF. Hook-and-loop adhesive is included to prevent the Pearl BDMF Bass Drum Muffler from sliding around inside your shell.

Pearl's high-end muffler of choice

Pearl entrusts its Masters Maple Reserve kits to the resonance-fighting, attack-enhancing power of the BDMF Bass Drum Muffler. That says something. Whatever size kick drum you play, damping those unwanted overtones will help bring out the pure tone of your bass without choking it.


Pearl BDMF Bass Drum Muffler Features:

  • The same muffling system Pearl uses in its Masters Maple Reserve kits
  • Damps over-ring for a purer, more controlled kick drum
  • Provides the perfect balance of depth, attack, and resonance
  • Segmented designs allows for damping the batter or reso heads
  • Hook-and-loop strip keeps the BDMF from sliding around