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Pearl Jungle Gig 16" FT Converter JG16

MSRP: $62.00
Your Savings: $25.01 (40.34%)

If for some reason you're looking to convert your 16" floor tom into a mini bass drum, the Pearl JG16 Jungle Gig is your ticket. Both the included riser and spurs install on your drum without any modification*, leaving you with a perfectly intact floor tom once you're ready to repurpose or resell. The Pearl JG16 Jungle Gig is invaluable for jazz gigs and hip-hop sets where you want a lighter, quicker, punchier bass tone. What we like about the JG16 is that the resultant 16" kick drum is a breeze to load up in your car and carry upstairs.

Pearl Jungle Gig 16" Floor Tom Conversion Kit Features:

  • Transforms a 16" floor tom into a mini kick drum
  • No permanent modifications required
  • Included spurs slide into standard floor tom leg mounts
  • Included riser elevates your floor tom to be played with a standard bass pedal
  • *Note: riser requires a Pearl I.S.S tom mount to work without modification