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Rattan Series - Vibraphone

This line of mallets has been designed for the contemporary vibraphonist. The rubber mushroom shaped core achieves a rich and fundamentally warm tone. Each pair is hand matched for weight, size and sound.

Rattan Series - Marimba

This line of mallets has been designed with the contemporary keyboard player in mind. The vibraphone mallets feature a rubber mushroom shaped core to achieve a rich and fundamentally warm tone, while the graduated oval-shaped cores create a different timbre for each model. Each pair is hand matched for weight, size, and sound.


* Graduated oval-shaped cores to create a different timbre for each model

* Light weight or a heavier weight for an increase in versatility with both darker sounds and ease of sound projection in concerto performance situations.

* 100% wool yarn

* Extra-durable long rattan handles

Rattan Series Artist Models

The Artist Models are an expansion to the Rattan Series vibraphone mallets. The AA15 is an extra soft mallet that sounds great on extended range vibraphones and bass marimbas and the AA25 mallets are designed for mallet specialist Anders Åstrand, are available for a spectrum of sound choices. The DM20 mallet, designed for Dan Moore, associate professor of music at The University of Iowa and member of the Britain Moore Duo, features a full tone mallet that sounds pleasing on both vibraphone and marimba. Designed to the specifications of Jerry Tachoir, professional freelance vibraphonist, the JT23 mallet is designed with the combo vibraphonist in mind, providing a full tone and projection pleasing to even the most selective players.

The Rattan Series features each of the following:

* Hard rubber mushroom shaped cores

* Extra-durable rattan handles

* Tightly woven multi-ply cord for proven strength and durability