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Mapex was the first major drum company to experiment with different wood ply compositions, in a quest to give drummers a truly “signature” sound.  Mapex ultimately discovered that a combination of maple and walnut had been what they were looking (and listening) for  -  The Sound of the Saturn Series.

The distinct wood composition fuses together four maple and two walnut plies to create a strong, yet thin, resonant shell (7.5mm bass – 5.1mm toms).  Every shell in the Saturn Series is hand-coated eight times over with a deep-gloss lacquer finish.  The integrity of each shell is optimized with the Mapex exclusive low-mass single contact point lugs and the Isolated Tom Mounting System (ITS) for fewer holes and greater sound.

Saturn Series drums come standard with steel Mapex Power Hoops (2.3mm), low-profile die-cast cushioned bass drum claw hooks, spring-loaded floor tom legs and Remo® drumheads.  Saturn is available in complete drum sets and shell packs.  Hardware is available in brilliant chrome or smoky black.