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Spaun Custom Series 3-Piece

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Spaun Custom 3-Piece Set in Flat White with Blood Splatter




8 x 12 mounted tom

14 x 16 floor tom

18 x 22 virgin bass drum


Construction Philosophy - Hand Crafted not Machine Crafted


Building drums, specifically "custom drums", is more than just slapping together components and expecting them to suddenly "jump to life" when complete.  Anyone can throw cheap aftermarket parts on a shell and say "I'm a drum company!"  If someone dumped all the parts to make a car on your front lawn, could you make a great car?  Of course not!!  Maybe you could get it together and drive it a few blocks, but it's not going to equal the quality and performance of a Maserati.  It's not simply the raw materials that make the final product.  It's the way in which those raw materials are shaped, formed and crafted by human hands.



At Spaun Drum Company we've designed our components with a "sonic purpose" from the beginning.  Our SOLID BRASS LUG DESIGN and DOUBLE 45 DEGREE EDGES (copied by many companies, but never equaled) are just a couple examples of our designs with a "sonic purpose" which are seriously lacking in many custom drums.